Wireless Optical Data Transmission Technology KORUZA: Upgrade Announcement!

KORUZA v2 Pro Wireless Data Transmission System Use Cases

Wireless Optical Data Transmission Technology KORUZA: Upgrade Announcement!

Wireless Optical Data Transmission Technology KORUZA: Upgrade Announcement! 1280 720 Irnas

KORUZA v2 Pro Wireless Data Transmission System Use Cases

We are leading KORUZA technology towards easier industrial integration!

At IRNAS, we are focusing on high-level technological solutions for industrial integration. KORUZA is our wireless optical data transmission technology, the only open-source free space optical (FSO) system on the market.

While bridging gaps by offering high-speed data transfer at 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps throughput in dense urban areas, where laying of fibre-optic cables is not an option or is too expensive, was the initial aim when first imagining KORUZA free-space wireless optical data transmission system, the solution is now showing as most suitable for advanced data transmission setups in demanding industrial environments where other data transmission systems fail.

This is what IRNAS has been focusing on in the last upgrade. We have re-implemented our KORUZA v2 Pro system and this way prepared a territory for more efficient industrial integration of this technology.

Integration applications

Wireless optical communication can be applied in numerous industrial applications. Here is a list of applications that crossed our path during the years of KORUZA technology development:

  • industry 4.0,
  • cable-less systems,
  • advanced production line data transmission,
  • production imaging and inspection data transmission
  • data transfer between machines in manufacturing facilities,
  • communication between trains and stations,
  • connecting cranes to transport vehicles or trains,
  • coupling ships with docks etc.

We do realize this is only a narrow list of applications and are extremely excited about the future and where this takes us.
KORUZA v2 Pro Use Cases

What have we done to the technology?

KORUZA v2 Pro now exists in two versions:

  • KORUZA v2 Pro: uses an SFP transceiver
  • KORUZA v2 Transparent: replaces the default SFP transceiver with a direct installation of fibre optic cable, which unlocks much higher data throughput

The latest upgrade has brought several improvements of KORUZA free-space wireless optical data transfer technology, such as:

  • An interface upgrade with a user friendly solution for link deployment
  • Optimization of optical link tracking with alignment algorithms
  • Simplified device to device management
  • Optically transparent KORUZA solution for use with Coherent systems
    (for throughput) and Quantum systems for key distribution
  • Next generation mechanics, released open source

Still open-source

KORUZA is and will remain open-source. You are most welcome to open the KORUZA v2 Pro documentation where all new features and a more open release of the system can be explored.

System upgrade with the help of NGI

The upgrade of KORUZA Pro, our free-space wireless optical data transmission system, to KORUZA v2 Pro version was possible with the help of NGI-POINTER, looking for innovative “Next Generation Internet (NGI) architects”!

We were happy to have announced by the end of 2020 that our wireless optical communication system for urban environments KORUZA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the NGI-POINTER project.

A challenging mentoring plan was established with our mentor Mirko Presser and IRNAS has since been working hard on the milestones in the middle of “chipageddon” (the worldwide covid-19 pandemic-related electronics components shortage in 2020, 2021).

Following a competition at the TETRA Bootcamp in March 2021, we have also been awarded with the TETRA Business Acceleration Mentorship with  Martin Goroško, Head Of Business Development of Tehnopol, the Tallinn Science Park, so plans for KORUZA system improvements and business growth are big!

Stay in touch

Follow us for exciting future updates, feel free to contribute ideas, and contact us for unbinding offers and partnership opportunities!


This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the EU.
Grant agreement Nº: No.871528.