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Detailed analysis of an optical beam in free-space is key to understanding and designing an optimal long-distance communication setup. Beam scanner has been developed to:

  • enable analysing an optical beam in 3D,
  • enable evaluation of beam divergence,
  • profile the power distribution and
  • automatically optimize the placement of optical receivers and transmitters behind the lens or other optical elements.

An advanced feature allows the use of standard SFP electro-optical transceivers for data communication and thus the impact of placement on the bit error rate and other parameters beyond average received power.

Beam scanner in the default configuration consists of a 3 axis CNC machine for precise translation and a movable optical sensor, typically InGaAs diode (1100 nm-1700 nm) with a digital average power output, however the receiver diode can be replaced based on specific project requirements. The advanced PlanetCNC controller with latest TNG control software enables the user to quickly preview the results, define scanning ranges and create scan outputs in CSV form, suitable for quick or real-time analysis in a range of software packages. Sample outputs demonstrate a number of applications, from an optical beam profile at a specific distance from the lens, a 3D model of the beam divergence in multiple slices as well as automatically finding the most optimal position for receiver.

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