New Harvest Modular Tissue Engineering Incubator

New Harvest Modular Tissue Engineering Incubator 2560 1707 Irnas
Modular tissue engineering incubator, designed for New Harvest organisation, with temperature and CO2 regulation, including trays with a programmable perfusion system, integrated bubble traps and a culture dish.

Beam Scanner

Beam Scanner 2560 1707 Irnas

Services: Electronics engineeringSoftware engineeringMechanical engineeringRapid prototypingExperimental testing for scientific applications Client: Signify LiFiIRNAS has developed a 3m x 3m floor-installed CNC system for LiFi system performance measurement automation. Moreover, we’ve…

OpenSource Pulse Oximeter

OpenSource Pulse Oximeter 2560 1707 Irnas
Cost-effective medical device, designed for production in import-limited environments in the scope of Glia: Equal Care project.