OpenCollar Pangolin Tracker

OpenCollar Pangolin Tracker

OpenCollar Pangolin Tracker 1000 750 Irnas

An advanced sensor solution to conserve endangered wildlife and efficiently manage large park areas. OpenCollar is a conservation collaboration to design, support and deploy open-source tracking collar hardware and software for environmental and wildlife monitoring projects. The design of the tracking system is completely modular and it is possible to combine the modules into several different configurations, depending on the use case.


Electronics engineering
Mechanical engineering
Rapid prototyping
Small size series manufacturing
Technical supervision of experimental deployment

Client: Smart Parks & Arribada Initiative /// OpenCollar /// Github

The Pangolin Tracker is a small-sized GPS tracker with LoRaWAN connectivity and a primary lithium battery for a long-life operation. The device is fully encapsulated to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. A modified cattle tag is used for the attachment of the tracker, either to the pangolin’s scale or as an ear tag for larger animals.