IRNAS supports Hummble in making heat pumps quieter

IRNAS supports Hummble in making heat pumps quieter

IRNAS supports Hummble in making heat pumps quieter 1204 678 Irnas

IRNAS firmly believes in the potential of its employees and acknowledges that their talents should be cultivated and nurtured. By providing a platform for employees to pursue their own ideas and initiatives, the company creates a learning environment that encourages personal growth and development. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among employees, propelling them to explore new technologies, acquire new skills, and expand their knowledge base. Such experiences not only benefit individual employees but also contribute to the overall organizational growth and innovation.


Meet Hummble

At IRNAS, innovation is not confined to the confines of the company’s walls. Instead, it extends to supporting projects that have the potential to make a significant impact. One such project is Hummble, an active noise reduction system for HVAC applications. Hummble is successfully addressing the noise pollution caused by heat pumps, making them quieter and more environmentally friendly. With their solution, they are assisting the existing passive noise reduction techniques where they fall short.


Heat pumps are widely used for heating and cooling buildings, but their operational noise can be a source of nuisance for residents and surrounding environments. Hummble tackles this issue by utilizing advanced noise cancellation techniques. The system comprises a combination of sensors, microphones, and control algorithms that actively monitor and analyse the noise produced by the heat pump. It then generates an anti-noise signal to counteract and cancel out the unwanted noise, resulting in a quieter and more pleasant environment.


Innovation with IRNAS

The development of Hummble exemplifies the collaborative and innovative spirit at IRNAS. The founding team behind this project consists of acoustical engineers and experienced product owners who have leveraged their expertise to create a cutting-edge solution. IRNAS has stepped in fulfilling the needs of a start-up for fast learning and regular iterations. With our process of fast and agile hardware development we’ve enabled a comprehensive support system that empowers the founders to overcome technical barriers, leverage existing knowledge, and make rapid progress.

By supporting projects like Hummble, IRNAS not only demonstrates its commitment to innovation but also reinforces its position as a hub for ground-breaking technologies in various domains.


IRNAS has proven that there is no better way to harness the potential within a company than by empowering employees and letting them run their own show. Through its comprehensive innovation programme, including pre-seed funding, business ideation support, prototyping infrastructure, and more, IRNAS has successfully incubated ground-breaking projects such as KORUZA, VITAPRINT, Testnik, and Hummble. By cultivating existing talent and creating exceptional learning experiences, IRNAS has created an environment where employees can thrive and push the boundaries of innovation. As other companies look to foster creativity and entrepreneurship within their own organizations, IRNAS serves as an inspiring example of the benefits of supporting and trusting employees’ innovative ideas.