IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway

IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway

IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway 1500 1000 Irnas

The growing number of sensors and connected devices with LoraWAN technology enables anything from sea turtle monitoring to MCCI power consumption and optimization monitoring and a wide range of other applications. The core of LoraWAN open community established network The Things Network are gateways connected to the internet, these can range from industrial-grade and expensive units for example by Kerlink, Multitech and other to cost effective systems built with Raspberry Pi embedded modules, management system and RAK wireless RAK831 gateway modules.

To boost the growth of cost-effective community established outdoor gateways we have designed IRNAS outdoor LoraWAN gateway that includes all components and an antenna element in a weather-proof enclosure. This way communities can easily deploy good quality gateways with minimal costs.
IRNAS outdoor LoraWAN gateway joins great solutions into a unified gateway:

The final product is a simple and a cost-effective gateway for about 250 EUR anyone can make and simply install outdoors. With this design we have achieved over 50 km coverage between Pohorje mountain and cities of Graz in Austria and Zagreb in Croatia.

The next step is to use IRNAS Drone mapping for Lora coverage. A great method we have developed to determine the coverage of this gateway and check out all the devices we have designed for challenging environments that implement LoraWAN connectivity.

For more information visit IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway repository on Github.