Explore LoRaWAN hands-on with MicroClimate sensors, join The Things Conference on Tour Maribor!

We have great news for everyone joining us at The Things Conference on Tour Maribor on 4th October! Our amazing hardware sponsors MicroClimate Network , IRNAS, L-TEK d.o.o.  and EBV Elektronik d.o.o. prepared for all the participants really cool LoRaWAN MicroClimate sensor units.

MicroClimate sensors for air temperature, relative humidity and pressure measurements are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications and can be used with great benefit in smart city applications, in precision agriculture, in smart buildings and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), in data centres and for energy audits. Sensor units are based on LoRaWAN technology, which enables autonomous data stream on long distances (up to 10 km) and low power consumption. MicroClimate sensors use two AAA standard batteries, which ensures up to three years of maintenance-free operation. All sensors are connected to the open platform microclimate.network by default. Alternatively, sensors can be integrated in other cloud platforms.

During the conference, we will be using the MicroClimate sensor unit for experimentation as a learning tool – we will integrate it into different web platforms, connect it to The Things Network and test integrated components. After the conference, the participants will take the device home and deploy it in their local outdoor environments. This way, we will together build an open network of microclimate sensors and very practically show the opportunities of LoRaWAN technologies and open networks for internet of things.

The registrations for the event are open, grab your ticket and let’s get ready for Industry 4.0 together!

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