Meet our team


Luka Mustafa

Founder and CEO

He leads Institute IRNAS since 2014 with his inventor & maker mindset. He is in charge of business strategy, keeps an eye on all aspects of hardware development in projects we’re involved in, is an expert in telecommunications and regularly speaks about benefits of open and future-proof hardware at events around the world. He is also pursuing a PhD at University College London (UCL) in the EE ONG group and was a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.

Hardware Engineering 99%
Business Strategy 95%
Sales 92%

Eva Černčič

Data Analyst / Programmer

Translates numbers into plain English. She manipulates and analyses collected data sets from prototyped systems to evaluate their performance and develop market-oriented solutions.
Partnering with software development team, she aids in algorithm design and implementation.

Data Analysis 96%
Algorithm Development 94%
Programming 80%

Mihael Miško

Production Manager

Loves CNC machines. He delivers perfectly manufactured prototipes and manages our production facilities. His pasion is slick production planning and CAM optimisation. He overlooks product assembly and ensures quality consistency of all our products.

CAM Programming 98%
Product Design 85%
Production Planning 94%

Vojislav Milivojević

Electronics Engineer

He is in charge of development and optimization of hardware and software, with a special focus on embedded hardware and software and innovative ways of using existing hardware and methodologies in the process of open source research and development. He also takes the role of a project manager of hardware development projects we are involved in.

Hardware Development 95%
Manufacturing Optimization 90%
Embedded Software Development 80%
PCB Design 98%

Blaž Bratuš

Mechanical Engineer

Has experience in 3D modelling with different CAD and CAE software programs. No matter what the application is, he takes our products from the initial idea to a fully optimized finished prototype following the optimal path.

Product development 95%
CAD 3D Modelling 95%
CAE structural analysis 90%
Prototyping and testing 85%

Luka Banović

Biomedical Engineer

Is fascinated by the comprehensive engineering experience that offers product development. He manages every phase of the product development life cycle, from conceptualization to termination. He ensures functionality and usability of our prototypes and always finds a quick and efficient way of delivering our solutions to the customers.

Product Development 93%
CAD 3D Modeling 95%
Prototyping and Testing 97%
Product Dev Life Cycle Mgmt 85%

Boštjan Vihar

Dr.rer.nat. Head of IRNAS Biolab / Scientific officer / Bioprinting developer

Biomimetics and tissue engineering enthusiast. He develops 3D bioprinting protocols for custom materials and applications. He manages science administration, but loves tinkering in the lab and finding new ways of measuring biological phenomena.

3D Bioprinting 90%
Experiment Design 96%
Biochemical Analysis 94%
Research Administration 85%

Barbara Razdevšek

Client Relationship and Office Manager

Her focus is communication with our customers as well as coordination and support of sales and business projects. She also comanages content, social media and SEO.
Client relationship management 96%
Project management 80%
Soft skills 99%

Jure Zagoranski

Student - IT & User experience

As a part-time student member at IRNAS he is helping as photographer and digital fabrication operator. He is currently working on his master’s thesis in Industrial product design.

Photography 93%
Product Design 80%
Prototyping and Testing 85%
CAD 3D Modelling 90%

Vid Rajtmajer

Student - Software developer

With broad experience in a variety of programming languages (C++, C#, Java, Python), he develops all and every kind of software needed for our projects, including firmware and mobile applications. He makes a fully functional product, no matter what the requirements are. He is currently acquiring new knowledge studying for master’s degree in Computer science.
Programming 90%
Software design 85%
Firmware development 80%

Tjaž Vračko

Student - Software developer

Focuses mainly on product testing by developing and managing automated testing suites, both for software and hardware. Whether during active development, or in the production phase, he makes sure new features work and the old ones don’t break, so that our products are always up to par. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Computer Science.

Software testing 91%
Development 87%
Automation 72%

Marko Sagadin

STUDENT - Electronics engineer

Interested in embedded systems, likes to get into nitty-gritty details of firmware development. He is currently working on his master’s thesis in Electrical engineering.

PCB Assembly 90%
Testing 85%
Embeded Software Development 80%
PCB Design 80%

Tadej Plej

Student - Electronics Engineer

As an intern student member at IRNAS he is interested in hardware design. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Electrical engineering.

PCB Design 80%
PCB Assembly 85%
Testing 85%

Open Position

Embedded Software Engineer

Interested in working as a developer of IoT devices, embedded systems with microprocessors, ARM controllers, and Linux based embedded computers?