E&P Oil recycling

The E&P board is a specially designed PCB to control motors and sensors in a used cooking oil gathering/separation machine.

IzoElektro RAM-1

Design of an industrial automation system for automatic control of varistor residual voltage measurement system. IRNAS has developed a control unit and custom control software with GUI which was successfully installed end of 2019. It is an interface between the industrial robot and measurement rig, allowing full process automation, local database handling and production management.

Hybrid Varistor Electronics Components

The main aim of the NexGenHVEC project is to establish and improve collaboration between the industry sector and research organisations and hence help with the development of cost-effective, sustainable high-tech solutions in the S4 area (mobility, systems and components for safety and comfort).

The research goal of the project is to improve the thermal stability, price point and environmental impact of hybrid electronic systems and components (primarily composed of varistors and capacitors), that act as a safety block of the electronics systems in the automotive industry.