Electronics Engineering​

  • Rapid prototype development
  • PCB design and testing
  • MCU firmware development
  • FPGA system development

Software Engineering​

  • From embedded systems to backend applications – control system development
  • Embedded Linux system applications
  • Cloud data collection and monitoring systems
  • Data analysis development

Mechanical Engineering​

  • Enclosure solutions with IP rating for extreme environments (underwater, arctic, outdoor environments)
  • Design and manufacturing of complex mechanical systems

Rapid Prototyping​

  • CNC milling
  • Laser cutting
  • Rapid prototyping and assembly
  • Soldering

Small to Medium Size Series Manufacturing​

  • Milling of custom aluminium and plastic mechanical parts
  • Electronics assembly and testing
  • Product assembly and testing

Experimental Testing for Scientific Applications​

  • Development of measurement protocols and experimental monitoring
  • Test systems and data collection systems and real-time control applications
  • Measurement analysis and product improvement consultancy

Agile Development Framework

1 - Product/Project definition

Solving problems means listening and observing! (Richard Branson)

To maximize the value of our service we make sure to properly define the scope, goals and objectives of our mutual journey.


Before we dig into development, we thoroughly evaluate the current state of the art of available solutions. Using what is relevant and suitable enables us to focus our work around generating added value.


We believe in the agile approach. Our main focus is to maximize the value of the outcome we're providing. With every next sprint we deliver a refined version of your product taking it one step closer to its final shape and form.

We make sure to keep our work transparent to you. We cannot overstress the importance of your feedback! During regular joint review sessions we make sure we're together going in the right direction.


Ok, this looks right. Happy with what you see? Great! We are equipped with all necessary infrastructure to manufacture, assemble and deliver up to 500 pcs of our industry-grade prototypes directly to your door.


Ready to scale it up? This is exciting! We make sure our work is up to speed with formal standards and regulations. Upon request, we can offer to help you with getting your solution certified and ready to transfer it into mass manufacturing

Have a project in mind?

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