KORUZA Tracker​
KORUZA Tracker is a wireless optical platform with rapid tracking support for innovating with the FSO and LiFi technologies, either standalone or in a hybrid format. Platform can be customized for any use case, from indoor industrial applications to the full weatherproof outdoor operation.​​

The developed platform enables innovation utilising tracked systems for short and medium distances with narrow-beam FSO and directed LiFI sources. Up to 40 Gbps optical connectivity, with the option od LiFi technology integration, offers a high-performance test platform for various applications. High precision tracking is provided by a closed-loop motorized control system.

Linux based control system with continuous integration and automated testing support for rapid software development allows the development and usage of 3rd party software solutions and evaluation and testing of optical tracking AI-based algorithms. 

  • 40 Gbps+ connectivity
  • Optional LiFi integration
  • Rapid, high-precision tracking support
  • Customisable
  • Automated testing support


StatusAvailable, Pre-order
Network portSFP cage – data, 100 Mbps ethernet – management
Power supply requirements24 V (12 V-30 V) 0.5 A (PoE 802.3af mode B)
Average power consumption6 – 24 W
Outdoor enclosure (material)Anodized aluminium /optional fully waterproof enclosure
MountingDefined upon application
WeightApproximately 8 kg
Manual beam alignment accuracy1 mrad
Motorized beam alignment accuracy0.003 mrad
Optical source and detectorSC SFP WDM Bi-Di module with DDM
WavelengthMatched pair at 1330 nm/1550 nmMatched pair at 1270 nm/1310 nm
Transmitter power0 dBm0.5 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-23 dBm-15 dBm
Bandwidth40+ Gbps 
Laser power< 1 mW
Beam divergence0.05 mrad
Aperture1-4 x 50 mm NBK7 Plano-convex lens
Receiver field-of-view10 mrad
Laser class1M (eye safe)
Routing platformNot integrated
Management interfacehttp, snmp, custom protocols (built-in Linux Raspberry Pi Compute module system)
Auto-trackingYes, requiring management link
Management IR linkUnder development
Data processingNone via SFP port, Layer 1 system
Annual optical link availability99%
Operating temperature-40 °C to 60 °C
Outdoor ratingSystem specific, can be IP65 upgraded
Distance< 150 m, or greater with limited reliability
Clear day (10 km+ visibility)0 dB
Moderate fog (500 m visibility)1 dB
Dense fog (100 m visibility)4 dB