KORUZA is the first OSHWA certified open source hardware from Slovenia!


KORUZA is the first OSHWA certified open source hardware from Slovenia!

KORUZA is the first OSHWA certified open source hardware from Slovenia! 687 579 Irnas

We are proud to announce we have been officially listed as a Nordic Semiconductor Development Partner. IRNAS has this way become the first official Nordic development partner in Southern Europe (at the time of writing at least).


This is the official continuation of what has already been a great, highly technical journey so far. We have up till now been working with customers who were searching for an embedded software development partner for their Nordic-based products. We have also been building smart NB-IoT and BLE connected solutions with on-device machine learning, based on Nordic Semiconductor technology. Sectors and industries we are most active in are: public infrastructure, smart industry, advanced animal tracking, IoT devices for agriculture and the environment.

If you happen to find yourself in any of these categories, drop us a line, we are excited to hear about your product!

Our Unique Approach to Development with Nordic

With our expertise in mechanical, electrical, and embedded firmware engineering, we daily tackle the most challenging IoT and industrial applications. What makes us special is our unique development process, coupled with well-tuned infrastructure fitted exactly to the process.

The infrastructure we have put in place enables us to utilize an optimal development workflow and quick iteration cycles in hardware and embedded software development. In our premises, we operate an electronics assembly line optimized for Nordic Semiconductor parts, 3D CNC metal machining, 3D printing and several other rapid prototyping processes.

The Nordic Partnership

We are one of the earliest integrators of newly developed solutions by Nordic Semi. Having access to hands-on support and tools directly provided through Nordic development partnership not only boosts the quality of our delivered solution, but also vastly accelerates our clients’ road to market.

Enhancing that support with our own in-house embedded software tooling solutions makes our embedded development fast and reliable. With using both Nordic nRF5 SDK for low-power and compact devices and Nordic Connect SDK with Zephyr RTOS, we are taking advantage of all the latest technology to build complex and real-time connected edge applications.

Our specialty from the Nordic Semi portfolio are ARM Cortex M4 (nRF52) and M33 (nRF53 and nRF91), supporting short distance communication technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and long-distance Low Power LTE (NB-IoT and CAT-M). We are implementing end-to-end FOTA firmware upgrade mechanisms in singe or multi-processor applications.

Intermediate-design Solutions based on Nordic Semiconductor

IRNAS integrated solutions commonly utilize the NB-IoT/LTE-M connectivity as the main communication and data transmission channel. This is most often coupled with BLE connectivity for device-to-device communication, device-to-smartphone communication and similar, which is used for device configuration and upgrading. Through our partnership with Edge Impulse we also integrate on-device machine learning onto our systems, making the most use of the collected data.

IRNAS is implementing and integrating this combined intermediate design solution into various products that we have deployed over the years, and we are sustaining a large base of code and hardware designs that are carefully engineered for tracking, infrastructural, environmental, agricultural, and industrial applications. Every mWh of our device battery life and trying to maximize the added value we can create with it, is our main focus.

We are excited to see where it takes us and how the Nordic-based solutions we build are going to change the world for the better.