KORUZA is the first OSHWA certified open source hardware from Slovenia!

Yet again we have achieved something to be proud about. As of January 2022, KORUZA, our wireless free-space optical (FSO) communication system, is the first piece of hardware from Slovenia that has acquired the OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association) certification!


WEBINAR: Hands-on experience with LR1110 LoRaWAN transceiver with GNSS and WiFi functionality

Semtech LR1110 LoRaWAN transceiver with GNSS and WiFi scanning evaluation has shown promising results. To best share our hands-on experience at the first instance we are organizing this session to explore the capabilities of the solution and share our initial experience. 

KORUZA licensing

KORUZA is licensed as follows:


Open Source, Open Hardware

At IRNAS, we will continue to pursue our dedication to: “… applying scientific advances to practice into industry and everyday products through open hardware”, as Luka Mustafa, IRNAS’ CEO and tech lead, has put it nicely.

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