Robust and durable IoT solutions for remote areas and deployment methods

IRNAS IoT Solutions​

We offer end-to-end IoT solutions for specialized use-cases, ranging from LoraWAN IoT node development, drone mapping sensor network coverage and edge computing off-grid devices for advanced sensor and image processing in limited bandwidth scenarios.

What are IRNAS IoT solutions?
We develop and deploy customized cost-effective IoT solutions in most demanding environments.

Our solutions range from LoraWAN IoT node development, drone mapping sensor network coverage and edge computing off-grid devices for advanced sensor and image processing in limited bandwidth scenarios.

The standard IRNAS IoT deployment includes:

  • Custom developed IoT devices
  • One or more gateways for connectivity
  • Off-grid power supply system
  • Simple management and deployment methodology
  • Online monitoring and visualization
  • Drone assisted network deployment and optimization
How is IRNAS IoT Different?
In-house manufacturing, multi-disciplinary engineering, rapid development and cost-effective IoT solutions

Unique combination of in-house manufacturing and multi-disciplinary engineering experts with extensive experience in building devices with lean development and rapid prototyping methods allows us to rapidly build cost-effective IoT solutions. Implementing future-proof best engineering practices, a range of in-house developed modules and integrating cutting edge technologies from our global partners allows us to form turn-key solutions for IoT sensing and edge computing anywhere in the world, let that be a smart city, tropical jungle in Peru or cold mountain in Antarctica.

Our rapid design, manufacturing and deployment of well-tailored solutions proves to be of great value to our customers since it empowers them to deliver a next-generator service and capture their market fast.

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IoT Node Development
IRNAS IoT devices enable power-efficient sensing in a wide range of applications.

We integrate the latest LoraWAN, WiFi and BLE modules with our latest power management solution PiRA and if required solar and other power sources to enable long term operation. We develop and manufacture the nodes following our collaborative design process, from proof-of-concept devices to a batch ready to be deployed within weeks.

IoT Edge Computing Machine Learning

Our off-grid edge-computing IoT devices are capable of processing sensor information, video and images to create compact answers, rapid responses to changes in environment and are low bandwidth to be suitable for communication at long distances via LoraWAN, satellite modems and other long-range connections from any location in the world. Implementing the latest single-board computers from Raspberry Pi and combining them with well proven open-source processing packages we implement solutions ranging from visually monitoring an analogue meter that cannot be replaced in a factory basement to observing penguin migrations in Antarctica.


Sea Turtle Tracking

Working with nature conservation specialists at the Arribada Initiative and ZSL London we have developed a rugged IoT sea turtle tag capable of taking up to 10000 photos or 1200 minutes of video at depths of up to 500 m and respond via LoraWAN when on surface, empowering better research in habitats and environmental protection.

Air Quality and Radiation

Collaborating with the world’s largest citizen science groups for radiation monitoring Safecast we have developed an off-grid standalone radiation and air-quality sensor Solarcast to be deployed in remote locations, forest fire regions and nuclear exclusion zones and provide real-time data on the environment.

Penguin Monitoring

Working with conservation specialists at Penguin Watch and the Arribada Initiative we have developed a rugged solar-powered camera system for deployment on Antarctica, one of the world’s coldest and most remote areas to be used. The system is providing year-round periodic snapshots of the surrounding area with edge-processing capabilities, monitoring annual penguin migration and nesting and exposing global warming effects and changes to the environment.

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