IRNAS IoT development solutions

We offer complete consulting and development service of IoT solutions for specialised use-cases, ranging from industrial powerline sensors development, coverage mapping, low power applications and edge computing off-grid devices for advanced sensor and image processing in limited bandwidth scenarios.

The standard IRNAS IoT deployment includes:

  • Custom developed IoT devices
  • One or more gateways for connectivity
  • Off-grid power supply system
  • Low-power optimisation
  • Best connectivity plan for the use-case
  • Simple management and deployment methodology
  • Online monitoring and visualization
  • Drone assisted network deployment and optimization
What we offer

Unique combination of in-house manufacturing and multi-disciplinary engineering experts with extensive experience in building devices with rapid prototyping methods allows us to build cost-effective IoT solutions. Implementing a range of connectivity solutions, integrating cutting edge technologies from our global partners and utilising in-house developed modules allows us to form turn-key solutions for IoT sensing and edge computing anywhere in the world, let that be a powerline system, industrial plant, tropical jungle in Peru or cold mountain in Antarctica.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Electronical, mechanical and software development
  • Testing protocols
Connectivity solutions

We work with wide range of connectivity technology and can thus provide optimal solution to any use-case, from low-power LoRaWAN modules, BLE to satellite connectivity for remote areas with no coverage.

  • BLE
  • Lacuna
  • GSM
  • WiFi

IRNAS IoT devices enable power-efficient sensing even in off-grid operation. We integrate in-house developed power management solution PiRA, that manages solar and other power sources to enable long term operation. We design IoT solutions with required lifespan and energy availability in mind. Weather you require 20 years of off-grid operation or electricity powered high processing power device, power solutions are tailored from your need, from low power, battery-only nodes, to solar panels integration.

  • Solar panels
  • Low power
  • Life span prediction
  • Power management
IoT Edge Computing Machine Learning​

Our off-grid edge-computing IoT devices are capable of processing sensor information, video and images to create compact answers, rapid responses to changes in environment and are low bandwidth to be suitable for communication at long distances via LoraWAN, satellite modems and other long-range connections from any location in the world.