1. Powerlines, grid services networks

Strategic placement of sensor quipped IoT devices can add value to any grid network, by minimising down time, optimising servicing time and cost and offer an insight into valuable operational data. Durable design, low cost and battery-powered low-energy consumption make IoT solutions grate investment.

  • Powerlines
2. Sensor and camera monitoring systems

Customisable IoT device including array of sensing electronics, optional camera and motion/light detection, can be deployed even in most remote and hostile environments. Extending our systems with appropriate connectivity service and off-grid power solutions,  even in areas with no coverage, makes IoT devices work for you, no matter the application.

  • Remote agriculture sensors
  • Enviromental sensing solutions
3. Conservation tech

The latest IoT technologies empower conservationists to envision better methods for observing, monitoring and measuring the nature. Real-time and large-scale data on environmental and animal behaviour enables rapid responses to changes, observing effects of climate change on our ecosystems and allows for implementation of informed strategies for wildlife conservation.

  • Animal tracking 
  • Wildlife monitoring
4. Industry 4.0 and smart factories

Reliable connectivity can be added to systems where, hardware modifications of  machinery are not possible, but fast and reliable connectivity can significantly add value. Large volume data transfer can be supported both on individual production stations, as well as between them, without intrusive installation process and high associated costs.

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