10 Gbps+ wireless connectivity
Fibre-optic like wireless connectivity.
Custom FSO solutions
Technology application to diverse use-cases.
Industrial applications
Logistic, moving-to-stationary and precise measurement systems solutions.
Applied system development and innovation
Modular platform for technology development and testing.
  • KORUZA Pro
    Technology preview solution

KORUZA Pro is an affordable free-space optical system (FSO), enabling next-generation last-mile 1 – 10 Gbps connectivity at distances up to 150 m and versatile application options. It ensures long-term, interference-free operation with minimal infrastructure investment.

  • KORUZA Tracker
    Technology preview solution

KORUZA Tracker is an optical platform with rapid tracking support for applications with FSO and LiFi technologies, either standalone or in a hybrid format. Platform can be customized for full weatherproof outdoor operation.

  • Custom industrial development

We offer customised solutions in the field of optical communications and measurement systems, applicable to any industrial or proof-of-concept use case, including CNC machine systems, industrial plant connectivity, fixed-to-moving applications and many more.

Koruza might be a solution also for your particular use-case. Get in contact and share with us your features requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible letting you know what we can do about it.​

Bring fibre-like speeds to ISP subscribers with a mesh network. You can connect several KORUZA optical transceivers over a large area to create a fast, reliable Internet service.


Discover the technical specifications behind our unique wireless-communication solution.

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