FSO systems were initially intended for telecom market and last-mile connectivity solutions, however, KORUZA platform offers much more than providing reliable internet service with fibre-like speeds for ISP subscribers.

Highly customizable platform offers a solution for every use-case where affordable, reliable, fast-deployed license free-connectivity is needed.  Wide range of applications include industrial use-cases, such as machinery ad-ons and linear motion applications, precise measurement systems solutions, fixed-to-moving applications and many others.

Since several KORUZA optical transceivers can be connected in-line, even applications requiring longer-range connectivity can benefit from technology.

1. Telecommunication uses

KORUZA is the perfect wireless communication solution for transmitting 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps data between buildings, across roads or rivers. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing wired or wireless infrastructure, increasing the capacity or extending the reach of WiFi, VDSL or existing wired optical infrastructure with minimal installation cost. It can also serve as a backbone connectivity solution between base-stations, allowing fast network rollout.

  • Increasing the capacity of existing networks
  • Expanding the reach of existing networks
  • Cell base-station uplinking
2. CNC machines and production environments

Reliable connectivity can be added to systems where, hardware modifications of  machinery are not possible, but fast and reliable connectivity can significantly add value. Large volume data transfer can be supported both on individual production stations, as well as between them, without intrusive installation process and high associated costs.

  • CNC applications
3. Fixed-to-moving applications

Due to multiple attachment options, fast license-free deployment and support for fast and accurate tracking, KORUZA offers a solution for connectivity between moving and stationary point, where secure, reliable and fast data transfer is needed, without significant modifications on the existing systems. 

  • Train to station
  • Ship to dock
  • Airplane to hangar
4. Measurement technologies

KORUZA platform is not limited to providing FSO connectivity. Additional laser and/or camera-based precise measurement solutions can be developed using the same platform, with fast and reliable measurement data transfer and monitoring.

5. Logistics

FSO systems offer a wide range of industrial applications, beyond providing point-to-point connectivity. Most machinery and production sites can benefit from added data transfer or precise measurement system, that can be installed fast, without high costs associated with a technology upgrade. Customised solutions can be developed based on the individual use-case, ranging from warehouse solutions, crane systems and linear motion applications.

  • Crane system
  • Warehouse connectivity
6. FSO/LiFi test solution

Due to modular design of the KORUZA Pro and KORUZA Tracker platforms, the system can be used in the development and testing process of individual FSO/LiFi solution, either as a test platform or proof-of-concept prototyping system. We offer custom integration of clients hardware/firmware and software solutions and help them with test design and troubleshooting process.

KORUZA might be a solution also for your particular use-case. Get in contact and share with us your features requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible letting you know what we can do about it.

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