Flatten The Curve: IRNAS’ Reaction to COVID-19

It’s official – we are dealing with a pandemic. As horrible as it may sound, now is not the time to panic and at the same time not the time to be careless. The time is now to act positively, innovate and think of new ways to progress.

Despite being the responsible adults that we are, we feel that it’s important to keep reminding each other what we can do together to slow down the transmission.

Flatten the Curve

There’s only so many patients the health system can manage at the same time, which is why flattening the curve if of key importance.

There is Hope. You’re It.

www.flattenthecurve.com has put together a great list of DOs and DON’Ts that are easy to follow in the coming days.

IRNAS’ actions.

We wish to act responsibly, we wish to lead by example and this is how we have adapted:


  • Maximal possible remote work for our team. Mechanics and electronics employees building physical objects are partially present in the office on need-to-do basis with the goal to only have a few people at any point in time present in the office/workshop. This way projects move forward with minimal risk. Should the situation escalate, these activities will be temporarily suspended.
  • Creating a pleasant remote working environment:
      1. Slack is the standard tool we have used for years
      2. Daily standups via video conference to keep everyone synced
      3. Ambient team call – voice/video chat allowing for office banter and offtopic – enabling the team to feel connected throughout the day.
  • Take-a-break, preferably during the day for an hour and get some sun.  A large meta analysis in British Medical Journal, suggest very positive impacts of this for the immune system.
  • All business travel is restricted, including but not limited to: conferences, meetups and lunch meetings.
  • All non-essential exposure to crowds is restricted, including but not limited to: gym classes, dinners with friends, birthday parties, cinemas & theatres, weddings, funerals.

IRNAS’ responsibility.

We work on challenges in IoT, wireless optical systems, open source devices, at times even medical and a number of other impactful projects. We love to innovate and are already working on solutions that can be applied to the current pandemic. We invite you to reach out and explore what we can do together.

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