Announcing LIFT Forest: An eVTOL AI Project in Forest Analytics

We’re excited to announce a new project that marks a significant leap in forest monitoring technology: LIFT Forest – eVTOL AI, Analytics of Forest Biomass. This enables unparalleled data collection and measurement of biomass for governments, forestry departments and forest owners alike.  Overview of the Project LIFT Forest is born from the joint efforts of […]

The Wildlife Monitoring Camera Survived the Antarctic Winter!

The wildlife monitoring camera that we developed in collaboration with The Arribada Initiative for Penguin Watch made it through the Antarctic winter! It has captured periodic snapshots, enabling monitoring localised penguin populations and climatic change altering their environment. Tens of thousands of King Penguins in South Georgia are monitored by the camera developed for Penguin […]

Animal Conservation with LoRaWAN – turtles, fish and more

Understanding animal behavior, changes in the natural environment and effects of climate change on our ecosystems can be efficiently observed with the latest digital technologies and IoT devices. Over the past year we have been working in partnership with the Arribada Initiative to develop future-proof systems to empower researchers and conservation specialists to observe and […]

Drone assisted TTN network roll-out on Principe Island for Green Sea Turtle monitoring

Green sea turtles are an endangered species and most vulnerable during the nesting period when they converge on sandy beaches. Working with the Arribada Initiative and Principe trust we have designed and in past December deployed a camera based tag to capture on video the turtle’s behaviour in space and time. Understanding their swimming, feeding […]