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Beam Scanner

Services: Electronics engineering Software engineering Mechanical engineering Rapid prototyping Experimental testing for scientific applications Client: Signify LiFi IRNAS has developed a 3m x 3m floor-installed CNC system for LiFi system

OpenSource Pulse Oximeter

Cost-effective medical device, designed for production in import-limited environments in the scope of Glia: Equal Care project.

AFMP Arribada Fresh Monitoring Platform

Solar powered water level monitoring and camera device with satellite and LoRaWAN connectivity, designed for Arribada Initiative for deployment in Madagascar to monitor the environment of endangered fish species.


Air quality sensor device, designed for Safecast organisation to operate off-grid while collecting environmental and radiation measurements.


Open-source wireless communication system, enabling building-to-building connectivity with a collimated infra-red light beam at a capacity of 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps at distances up to 150 meters.

Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway

Cost-effective LoRaWAN outdoor gateway, including all components and an antenna element in a weather-proof enclosure, allowing for quality, low-cost network deployment.

Vitaprint now has manual flow control!

When working with custom materials and a broad range of nozzles, adjusting extrusion during the printing process is crucial for fast settings optimization. With the new version of PlanetCNC and

Arribada PitStop Turtle Tag

Water-proof IoT turtle cameras and tags, developed for Arribada Initiative for tracking movement and capturing video footage of nesting green sea turtles.

IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway

The growing number of sensors and connected devices with LoraWAN technology enables anything from sea turtle monitoring to MCCI power consumption and optimization monitoring and a wide range of other

Drone Mapping for LoRa and IoT Communications

In the last decade drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in general have proven to be one of the great technological developments with a range of applications from recreational hobby

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