Join us in Maribor at The Things Conference on Tour

At IRNAS – Institute for Development of Advanced Applied Systems we have been actively promoting LoraWAN networks in Slovenia and worldwide for the past two years. To initiate active development of LoraWAN devices and services in our region we are organizing a conference on this topic

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FSO Blog


Open-source wireless communication system, enabling building-to-building connectivity with a collimated infra-red light beam at a capacity of 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps at distances up to 150 meters.

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3D Bioprinting Development

Vitaprint now has manual flow control!

When working with custom materials and a broad range of nozzles, adjusting extrusion during the printing process is crucial for fast settings optimization. With the new version of PlanetCNC and the work of our mathematical analyst and algorithm developer Eva, we have now upgraded the

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Wireless Networking

IRNAS Outdoor LoraWAN Gateway

The growing number of sensors and connected devices with LoraWAN technology enables anything from sea turtle monitoring to MCCI power consumption and optimization monitoring and a wide range of other applications. The core of LoraWAN open community established network The Things Network are gateways connected

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